Welcome to the light

The Light is a full service Bay Area photography studio and event space featuring 2200 sq. ft of open floor plan sprinkled with unique, modern touches to make your photo shoot, video shoot, workshop, or production meeting a comfortable and inspiring affair. This two story commercial space offers an inviting presence of serenity to allow your creativity to unfold. The Light is a perfect playground for the minimalist, the maximalist, and anyone holding a touch of whimsy and an affinity for the simply divine aspects of life.


Two stories of possibility, each offering a different perspective and visual palette. The Light offers an air of openness for unobstructed workflow with offset lounges and whimsical decor to keep things both practical and personal. Additionally, there is a backyard concealed by greenery for when you need to step away and gather your thoughts.


Photo shoot rentals

The best part of the light is, well, the light! The ground floor features floors to ceiling windows in front with an electronic garage door so you can use the natural light to its maximum advantage. Two moving walls measuring 8’ x 10’ mean you have a seamless backdrop right where the light is perfect. The opposite end of the studio has two double sliding glass doors for those of you who like to play with shadows. If you prefer artificial light we have 3 mounted seamless rolls, and blackout curtains in the front so you can make your own lighting magic.

In addition to the ground floor photo studio, The Light features a spacious upstairs room that fills with sunlight at dawn and offers a more ornate photo set for lifestyle, fashion, portrait, or whatever other ideas you’re dreaming up. Warm tones and unique furnishings make it a beautiful and comfortable place for your creative vision to unfold in yet more amazing natural light.

Workshops & Events

The Light is available for workshops and events, offering a serene and spacious atmosphere for people to explore ideas, movement, and community. The availability of the space for events is on a case by case basis. Please contact me with information about your event for more details. Maximum capacity is 25 people.

Studio ammenities

•Two 8’ x 10’ moving walls for natural light photography or portable sets

•Profoto Acute 2R kit with 3 heads for lighting equipment

•Three 9’ rolls of mounted seamless paper

•Open floor plan for maximum flexibility

•Modern furnishings for a variety of environmental portrait options

•Reserved parking in front of the studio

•Garage door and curb for easy loading and unloading

•11’ ceilings on both floors

•Bathrooms on both floors

•Rolling makeup table and portable full length mirror

•Hooks for hanging approximately 10 outfits

•Ample cushions for floor seating

•Large work table

•Full kitchen

•Skylights upstairs

•Backyard access

•Hot tub